Advocates for Your Well-Being

Every life stage has its challenges. From neglect to drugs to divorce to simply growing old - each and every one of us faces an uphill battle eventually. And no one should ever do it alone.
Introducing Care Horizon. We provide exceptional aging and adult protective services throughout East Central Illinois, especially to those who cannot financially access these types of services elsewhere. With over 100 combined years of experience in human services, we are advocates for our close-knit communities and are there with you, each step, to ensure you and your loved ones get the best care.

Adult Protection

Protecting your loved ones from abuse and neglect.

Aging In-Home

Securing independence and the comfort of home for those aging.

Our Care Team is Like Family

Our professional staff will work with you to assess if our services can meet your current needs. You’ll get someone you can talk to, who can guide you and empower you towards a healthier and more secure life. If you can’t afford or don’t qualify for our services, we will do our best to guide and support you to another solution.