Care Coordination, Case Management, In-home Services, Universal Pre-Admission screenings (UPS) Emergency Home Response, Adult Day Service, Money Follows the Person (MFP), and Respite Services.


Are there any symptoms or key indicators that would make someone realize they need this service?

If an older adult is having problems completing their ADLs or IADLs, can no longer drive,cannot carry groceries into the home or shop on their own, has memory impairment, feels isolated or lonely,lacks family support, has repeated admissions to the hospital or returns home from a nursing facility stay. Also, they may be at imminent risk of going to a nursing facility or hospital or just need assistance with accessing other community resources.


What does this program do?

The CCP (Community Care Program) and our Aging In-Home services help older adults remain in their home with dignity and independence by providing comprehensive care coordination and linkage to community services.

How do you help?

As a care coordinator, we conduct the assessment to determine the person’s eligibility. Once they are determined to be eligible,the care coordinator develops a client centered care plan to meet the client’s unmet needs. Care Coordination may be done for those that do not meet the qualification.


Why this program?

This program provides the necessary means for many older adults to live independently in their own homes. This agency has care coordinators who are empathetic, knowledgeable and compassionate, making the clients feel comfortable with the assessment process.


What can they expect once they call?

Anyone calling will find a warm and welcoming support staff who will be happy to discuss programs and services and guide them through the application process. The caller will be asked some personal information so that they can have the necessary documents ready for the care coordinator’s home visit. The care coordinators will make an appointment to conduct a home visit to complete a comprehensive assessment for services within 5 days of receiving the referral.

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